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Through my experience as a program assistant in Career and Technical Education, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility while balancing the supply, material and equipment needs of teachers and students. I know the critical role educational partnerships with the business community has with helping grow our own responsible, productive citizens in Craven County.

Not only do I have experience with federal and local dollars, I also have been accountable for numerous grants and the accountability of those dollars as well. 

We also administered the WIOA program through the Workforce Development Board, where we assist at risk youth. The program helped these youth with soft skills and placed them in internships to gain the skills they need for a successful future. 


Saturday, January 4, 2020 11:27 AM

My stance

I Stand For:
· Being fiscally responsibility to the taxpayer
· Eliminating wasteful spending on initiatives that bear no results
· Providing students with practical technology through fiscally responsible methods
· Ensuring every child is career ready regardless of their post-secondary plans
· Creating a strong education system that reflects a strong, positive teacher morale
· Treating all teachers and staff as professionals
· Ensuring all students have the right to learn in a nurturing, safe environment
· Developing qualified school and district leaders
· Supporting sound instructional practices that allow all students to learn how they learn best

I believe in the value of public education. Teachers should be supported and given the tools they need to do their jobs. I also believe that kids are individuals, should be treated as such, and taught that way. Accountability to parents and our students is paramount. With accountability comes fiscal responsibility. Priorities must be looked at and evaluated, because our first priority are the students we serve.

We must have happy engaged teachers in order to have happy and engaged students. For far too long the wrong kind of PC has been the focus of education. I'm not about Political Correctness, but about making the Personal Connections that will strengthen our education system.

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